Adaptive Cruise Control

Less driver fatigue

ACC is a cruise control system with enhanced functionality that helps the driver to keep a safe distance to other traffic ahead and alerts the driver if manual intervention is required.

ACC uses a radar sensor to check for moving objects ahead in the same traffic lane. ACC will maintain a set constant vehicle speed as long as no other traffic is detected. If a preceding slower vehicle is detected, ACC will reduce the engine power and - if necessary - apply retarder systems and brakes to maintain a set safe following distance.

A distance alert will be given if intervention by the driver is required to maintain the set distance. The build-in Forward Collision Warning function alerts the driver to apply the maximum braking force in order to avoid a rear-end collision. ACC relieves the driver from continual readjustments of the set cruise speed and thus reduces strain and fatigue.  ACC makes driving more relaxed and safer.


Solway DAF